The Reitz Union Board of Managers is a university-wide standing committee chaired by a student, with a voting student majority. This presidentially appointed committee is comprised of twelve student members and six faculty members. The appointment term for student members is one year, beginning in August of each year. Faculty members serve a three-year term.

The Reitz Union Board of Managers oversees policies pertaining to facility usage and programming, develops long range plans for development and renovation of facilities, implements sustainability initiatives, reviews marketing and promotion functions, oversees financial policies, operating budgets, and facility use rates, and allocates student organization office and storage space.

Student Application and Selection Process: Applications for the Board of Managers open in the spring semester each year. A selection committee, composed of three students and two faculty members interviews applicants and recommends sixteen names to the Student Body President. The Student Body President selects the twelve student board members and forwards the recommendations to the President of the university through the Vice President for the Division of Student Life.

For application process and eligibility requirements, visit: Student Advisory Boards

Board of Managers Committees & Objectives

  • Participate in the design process and materials selection for Reitz Union renovation projects
  • Review space utilization by student organizations
  • Become familiar with how the facility operates – systems, challenges, major needs
  • Evaluate all Reitz Union facilities to ensure optimal use, function, and condition
  • Review operating budgets throughout the year
  • Review rates charged by the Reitz Union for use of facilities and services
  • Review future budget requests
  • Review long-term needs requiring reserve funds
  • Develop and implement ways for all Board of Managers to connect with students and student organizations
  • Survey students for feedback on facilities and services
  • Perform complete review and update of Reitz Union Policy Manual
  • Perform complete review and update of Board of Managers Operating Procedures (By-Laws)

2019-2020 Student Members



Anisha PatelChair
Brianna AdanStudent Member
Maria AlaezStudent Member
Domenica AycartStudent Member
James CainStudent Member
Harrison DeVoeStudent Member
Gabriela HernandezStudent Member
Marcus NelsonStudent Member
Jason PuthusserilStudent Member
Kelen QuintanaStudent Member
Emma TowlerStudent Member
Lauren TraycikStudent Member
Anna WelchStudent Member

Faculty & Staff Members

Image Coming Soon Image Coming Soon
Reitz Union Ex-Officio
Brian Avery Brian Avery
Brian Avery
Raymond Carthy, Ph.D Raymond Carthy, Ph.D.
Raymond Carthy, Ph.D.
Jason Fraser-Nash Jason Fraser-Nash
Jason Fraser-Nash
Amanda Metzler Amanda Metzler
Amanda Metzler
Kellie Roberts Kellie Roberts
Kellie Roberts
Rochelle Warm, Ed.D. Rochelle Warm, Ed.D.
Rochelle Warm, Ed.D.

Committee Advisors

Brian Brasington Brian Brasington
Brian Brasington
Finance Committee
Karley Counts Karley Counts
Karley Counts
Outreach Committee
Jessica Inman Jessica Inman
Jessica Inman
Policy & Procedures Committee
John Duncan John Duncan
John Duncan
Facilities Committee
Loren Israel, J.D. Loren Israel, J.D.
Loren Israel, J.D.
Policy & Procedures Committee
Hannah Farrell Hannah Farrell
Hannah Farrell
Outreach Committee