Dance Studio

The Reitz Union is outfitted with two dance studios, located on the Lower Level, for use by current UF students and student organizations. Usage is limited to dance rehearsals only. Each room consists of a slip resistant floor, mirrored wall and built in sound system. Additional equipment or furnishings are not permitted in the space. All groups are limited to two (2) reservation blocks per week. If a reservation block remains available five (5) business days prior to the desired date, groups may request additional reservations in the same week.

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Dance Studio No Show/Cancellation Policy

No Show
Dance studio reservations are confirmed 30 minutes from the event start time. If the group or individual fails to show up after 30 minutes, the Office of Event Services staff will consider that a no show and reserves the right to reassign the room if the need arises.

Dance Studios Reservations must be cancelled by 12:00pm the day before the event (12:00pm on Friday for events occurring Saturday, Sunday or Monday). Cancellations received after this deadline will be considered late cancellations.

First and Second Offense

  • A warning email will be sent to the offending individual or organization after each no show or late cancellation offense.

Third Offense

  • All remaining dance studio reservations for the individual or organization in the current semester will be cancelled.
  • Individual or organization will be permitted to make reservations for future semesters.
  • Three offenses each in two consecutive semesters will result in the cancellation of all remaining reservations and the suspension of Reitz Union reservation privileges through the end of the following semester.