Rental Rates

Fees charged for the use of Reitz Union facilities and services apply for any part of a calendar day. They are determined in part by the type of group or organization requesting space and the type of event being held. Please read the following definitions carefully to determine the appropriate category for your group. Note that examples given are not all inclusive. The final determination of group and event type will be made by the Office of Event Services staff. Please be sure that all information provided is accurate, as misrepresentations may result in an adjustment of related fees and/or the loss of reservation privileges.

Student Organizations: Any meeting or event sponsored by a student organization that is registered with Student Activities & Involvement.

Area  Rate
Meeting Rooms
Medium Rooms (<800 sq. ft.) Room 2315 - Fixed Theatre$0
Room 2320 - Fixed Theatre$0
Room 2325 - Fixed Theatre$0
Room 2330$0
Room 2345 - Fixed conference table$0
Room 2350 - Fixed conference table$0
Room 3305 - Fixed U shape$0
Room 3310 - Fixed U shape$0
Large Rooms (800 - 1199 sq. ft.) Room G325 - Fixed classroom$0
Room 2335$0
Room 2340$0
Room 2360 - Fixed theatre$0
Extra Large Rooms (>1200 sq. ft.)Room G310$0
Room G320$0
Room G330$0
Room 2355$0
Room 2365$0
Room 3315$0
Room 3320$0
Grand Ballroom Full Room$250
Three Quarters Room$190
Half Room$150
One Quarter Room$100
Rion BallroomFull Room$180
Half Room$110
Dance Studio $0
Arredondo Café$48
Matthews Suite$0
Pipe & Drape (per section) $0
Dance Floor (per 3x3 section) $4
Stage (More than 10 pieces) $50
Outdoor Event Setup Fee - Category 1$45
Outdoor Event Setup Fee - Category 2$75
Room Reset Fee$45
AV Equipment
Basic Equipment LCD Projector $0
A/V Cart (client provided projector) $0
Microphone - Wired or Wireless $16
Podium with Microphone $0
Advanced EquipmentLighting Package - Floor Lights$38
Lighting Package - Followspot$40
Lighting Package - Grand Stage Wash$38
Lighting Package - Rion Stage Wash$38
Power Drop Box$0
Other Fees Labor (per hour) $13
Room/Closet Door Re-Key (per lock) $30