Event Productions Assistant

The Event Productions Assistant produces event setups for the thousands of meetings, conferences and events that occur at the J. Wayne Reitz Union each year. Located within the Office of Event Services, this position serves the UF community by providing event management support.

Area Specific Job Responsibilities

  • Works independently or as a team to physically set up tables, chairs, stages, audio-visual equipment, and other furniture consistent with room diagrams and provide technical support for events occurring at the Reitz Union
  • Assists with transportation, distribution, and redistribution of office furniture, event equipment, and general equipment returning all items to the proper storage areas when not in use
  • Responsible for interpreting all Event Management System (EMS) documents to determine event requirements and setups
  • Conducts regular equipment inventories, separates all damaged equipment, and complete minor repairs
  • Maintains furniture and/or audio-visual equipment in meeting rooms, common areas, and storage rooms
  • Operate sound reinforcement and lighting systems to support a variety of live events
  • Provides customer service support by responding via a two-way radio to calls for assistance and/or addressing concerns directing in-house service requests/needs to appropriate department as well as unlocks necessary meeting rooms upon request
  • Complete all training requirements upon being hired in a timely fashion
  • Ability to commit to working 10 or more hours per week
  • Must be physically able to lift 45 pounds
  • Other duties as assigned


 Preferred Qualifications

  • Demonstrate previous experience with customer service
  • Proficient with verbal and written communication
  • Candidates will be able and available to work the entire academic year
  • Possess the ability to work shifts during the early mornings, events, and weekends
  • CPR and First Aid Certified, or willing to obtain


Office of Event Services Staff Member Responsibilities

  • Be a current University of Florida full-time student in good standing with at least a 2.0+ GPA
  • Respond to and assist with emergency situations and building evacuations per department procedures or as instructed by building management staff.
  • Provide exceptional customer service while maintaining a high level of professionalism
  • Demonstrate a desire and willingness to learn in a fast-paced team-oriented environment
  • Establish an exemplary work ethic by being proactive, self-motivated, and dependable
  • Participate in all scheduled meetings, trainings, and evaluations
  • Possess the ability to work weekends, evenings, holidays and academic breaks, as needed
  • Act as an ambassador for all areas within the Office of Event Services, Reitz Union as well as the University of Florida, providing accurate information and campus resources